SBS VISION New Lens Catalogue on Line Now

SBS Vision is not just limited in the lighting source solution, but also have many good experiences in lens. we have always been trying to extend our products line as professional as possible, so that we can help customers farthest. Currently, we have many different types of lenses to choose for different application. The most important is that we also provide customize design service for customers as some special projects demand. Normally we can provide test samples within 1 month, saving time for projects as quickly as possible. We believe it will get returns only when we try our utmost to help our customers, and a mutual benefits will come for all of us. Currently for the standard lens, we provide different types on the marketing. For example, on FA lens, we have  choices from 5MP to 20MP with different resolution, and the distortion is pretty good compared with most of other brands on the marketing. For line scan lens resolution, at present we mainly focus on 50mm 8K, while the other brands even don’t have too much in the focal length. It is a very good choice for LCD, OLED, Lithium battery and some other new energy industry inspection.  For telecentric lens, we have the most abundant of choices from magnification, working distance, resolution and so on. You can get what you want finally. All of these lenses are with good performance, high resolution and stability. As an innovation company, we always make a lot of efforts in the products R&D, we believe we will have more and more new unique products on the marketing. Look forward to be your best partner in machine vision components.