SBS VISION for more creative world

SBS Vision Solution Co., Ltd is the pioneer machine vision solution company growing together with employees, bringing value and strength competition for customers, and making contribution for society. We are a group of companies with four business segments, the four segments are the machine vision LED lights, camera module, lens and optics and vision system solutions. All of our engineers have profound experiences to make the fastest support for the our customers, as it’s saying “time is money”, we deeply understand how the time is so critical for the projects, so we always said to our customers ” please consider us as one of your department, so whatever you want, please just ask to us, we will try our best to make it for you”. As this core idea of all our employees have, it always makes us to win the customers’ trust and this makes us build the very long relationship.

The advantages of our four segments business like below:
1. Machine vision LED lights: Current now, we have more than 15 engineers for customize design, this group of engineers have profound experiences in structures, optics optimized, and imaging result, they can make excellent lighting solution for the customers’ project demand. We can also make the fast delivery for urgent demand, the shortest delivery time can be made within 3 days. And we never stop our steps to make innovation and creation, like the unique structure light for 3D inspection, the multi-angel tunnel lights to make focused lighting for line scan application.
2. Camera module: In order to help the customer save cost, we also provide different cost effective camera module for our customers , this camera module has high performance and good stability, and it won a lot of customers’ satisfied.
3. Lens: We provide multi types of lens like M12 wide angel mini lens for embedded vision system or security system, focal length lens for machine vision inspection and security system, line scan lens for the fast speed line scan application, telecentric lens for the high resolution application.

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” We believe we can do it better if we can open our mind, make innovation and creation and put customers’ business always on the first important.


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